209 West Jackson">



209 West Jackson,
Chicago, Illinois

Street Address:  209 West Jackson
Chicago, IL 60606

Latitude:   41º  52'  41"  North
Longitude:   -87º  38' 3"  West


The 209 West Jackson Boulevard Building is a 12-story brick-clad masonry structure containing 142,996 square feet of office space and 10,001 square feet of retail space. The original building construction, completed in 1898, is the work of Architect Charles Sumner Frost, the renowned designer of Navy Pier and St. Luke’s Hospital. Renovated in 1989, the building is striking in both form and function. The six granite-faced columns anchoring the entranceway are highlighted with bronze. The multi-colored terrazzo lobby is patterned with stainless steel. The elevator cabs complement this design with a mixture of granite and stainless steel.


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